SHF Privacy Policy

There’s really not much to cover in SHF’s privacy policy. There is really only Google AdSense advertising and the subscription list policy.

Google Advertising & Privacy

This website displays Google AdSense advertising and, as such, uses browsing cookies stored on your computer by other websites to display contextual advertisements. This means that you see advertisements on SHF that are sometimes based on other websites that you have visited. AdSense advertising also conducts other means to collect user information in order in order to display contextual ads on this website.

Contextual advertising is a very common practice by bloggers, but I thought you would want to know that this is the case on SHF.

Subscribe to Email Notification

SHF makes a special guarantee to readers who subscribe to my email notification list. I will never send you anything other than notification of new articles, and I will never sell or otherwise distribute the list. You will only get email notification of new articles if you subscribe.

Thank you for visiting Suburban Hobby Farmer. My readers are important to me.