5 Best Gardening Blogs This Week

(May 20, 2011) This is a regular feature where Suburban Hobby Farmer recaps the best gardening blogs this week. For those viewing this article on a smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry), the blog articles that I’ve linked to may not be optimized for the small screen.

Oak House Permaculture

Chamomile as a Companion Plant
Can chamomile save a gooseberry bush from a bad case of mildew? Time will tell. It might be possible since chamomile has been used as an anti-fungal since the ancient Egyptians.

Garden Rant

Amy from Garden Rant and Genevieve  from North Coast Gardening show how quick and easy it is to assemble a cedar raised bed kit from EarthEasy. The raised bed kit is an elegant solution, but a four foot by eight foot by eight inch bed cost $129 including shipping. So a do it yourself cedar solution could save you some money.

Garden Desk

The Best Way to Plant Spindly Tomatoes
Marc shows us how to plant tomato plants that are leggy. His method allows you to turn leggy seedlings into plants with strong roots.

A Raised Bed in Twenty Seconds or LessBest Garden Blogs

Grow It! Eat It!

Barbara’s Secret to Early Lettuce
Bob shows us how Barbara gets spring lettuce in Maryland by planting in fall and overwintering the plants. She uses row covers without wire row cover frames and holds the fabric to the raised bed using clothes pins.


Sharp Garden Tools Work Better
Barbara shows us how to sharpen garden tools using a file. When filing metal, always remember to take precautions against breathing in shavings or getting them in your eyes.

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    Thanks for including my tomato post on this list. I’m honored and I’ll take all the help I can get spreading the word about my Tomato Tuesday meme. I’ll be posting another one tomorrow!

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