Best of the Blogs Friday Jan. 7

This is a weekly feature where Suburban Hobby Farmer recaps the best gardening posts this week from other bloggers.

Urban Garden Casual

Spring Tonic for the Gardener
Mindy shares her recipe for seed starting that includes subjects like ingredients for the soilless mix, the golden rule for planting seeds, watering and more.

Kitchen Gardeners International (My Suburban Homestead)

Advice on Ordering Seeds
Amy is a recovering “seedaholic.” She shares her advice on the best ways to keep costs down and order what will work in your garden.

Blue Planet Garden

Garden Trends for 2011
Susan polls her writers forum to get the gardening trends that will be hot this year. Canning / preserving, the edible front yard, frugality are some of the topics on the list.


Certified Seed Potatoes
The-Organic-Gardener makes the case for why you shouldn’t save seed potatoes from this year’s crop for planting next year.

Home Grown on a Hobby Farm

Winter Water
What are your options for keeping water for your animals from freezing? How do you keep your livestock properly watered in the winter? These questions and more are answered in the video interview of a local retailer.

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