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Saving Tomato Seeds

The Best Way to Save Tomato Seeds

To save tomato seeds, most experts suggest you must ferment the tomato pulp first. My test shows this may not be necessary.

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Kwand Hsi Hung Shih Tomato

Free Vegetable Seeds, Part II

Read about the plants that resulted from the free vegetable seeds from the U.S. government.

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Pruning Tomatoes

Pruning tomatoes is a highly debated subject among backyard tomato growers. Here are the pros and cons of pruning mature tomato plants.

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Free Vegetable Seeds

The first rare tomato seed from the government sprouted this week. So far, the free vegetable seeds from the USDA are working out great.

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Build Tomato Cages

Video post that compares two different methods for building tomato cages to support plants in the backyard garden.

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