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Vegetable Garden Watering

Vegetable Garden Watering Tips

One of the most misunderstood areas of vegetable gardening is watering. Here are the answers to nine of the most common vegetable garden watering questions.

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Raised Garden Beds

Mulching Raised Garden Beds

Although there’s many reasons to mulch raised garden beds, there’s one reason that many experienced gardeners don’t know.

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Fixing an Overflowing Rain Barrel

My open top rain barrel was overflowing instead of emptying through the downspout diverter. See my video post on how I fixed it.

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Rain Barrel Downspout Diverters

I’ve been using a rain barrel downspout diverter for three years. This handy guide shares what I’ve learned and reviews the most popular diverters.

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Best of the Blogs Friday Jan. 7

This weekly feature recaps the best gardening posts this week from other bloggers. Topics include seed starting, watering, saving potatoes.

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