Hardening Off Seedlings

Besides protecting plants from wind or cold, building up cutin is another good reason for hardening off seedlings before transplanting in your garden.

Transplant at Proper Soil Temperature

Measure soil temperature with a soil thermometer to decide when to transplant vegetable seedlings. Plant too soon and you could damage your plants.

Soil Blocks Vs. Paper Pots

Two thrifty and eco-friendly ways to hold the soil when starting seeds indoors are soil blocks and paper pots. Read this comparison of the two methods.


Better Tomatoes with Walls-O-Water

The pros and cons of using Walls-O-Water to extend the growing season ...

My Plan for Seed Starting Mix

Here are my plans for what to use for seed starting mix, ...

Build an Indoor Seedling Starting Unit

Here's an easy, fast way to assemble an indoor seedling starting unit ...

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