Ground Hog Control

Groundhog Control

Read about a unique, six step groundhog control method that worked for my father’s neighbor.

cover crop and chicken tillers

Cover Crop and Chicken Tillers

Chickens will till under cover crop, saving you back breaking work and making better soil in the process.

Beneficial Insects

Do You Really Need to Buy Beneficial Insects?

This post considers if it is better to address pest problems by buying beneficial insects or restoring habitat.

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Saving Green Bean Seeds

Saving Green Bean Seeds

Saving green bean seeds is easy. Here’s a seven step method to ...
Multi-Color Potatoes

Planting Potatoes in Fall

In New Hampshire everyone plants potatoes in early spring. Why am I ...
Saving Tomato Seeds

The Best Way to Save Tomato Seeds

To save tomato seeds, most experts suggest you must ferment the tomato ...

Latest Articles

Composting Grass

Grasscycling and Composting Grass Clippings

We have enough in our landfills already. Composting grass is so easy. Everyone should do it.

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Backyard Pond

How to Control Mosquitoes Naturally Around a Pond

Organic gardeners love water features, but so do mosquitoes. Here’s how to control mosquitoes naturally around a pond.

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Irish Cobbler Heirloom Potatoes

Heirloom Seed Potatoes

Are you interested in growing heirloom potatoes in your garden? Here are three heirloom seed potatoes you could try.

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When to Plant Seeds

Calculating When to Plant Seeds

Use this guide to FREE planting date calculators to learn when to plant seeds.

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Make a Home for Spiders

Farmscaping: Fighting Bugs with Bugs

Farmscaping is a way to set up your garden to attract good bugs that help you increase crop yields and reduce trouble causing insects.

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