Ground Hog Control

Groundhog Control

Read about a unique, six step groundhog control method that worked for my father’s neighbor.

cover crop and chicken tillers

Cover Crop and Chicken Tillers

Chickens will till under cover crop, saving you back breaking work and making better soil in the process.

Beneficial Insects

Do You Really Need to Buy Beneficial Insects?

This post considers if it is better to address pest problems by buying beneficial insects or restoring habitat.

Featured Articles

Saving Green Bean Seeds

Saving Green Bean Seeds

Saving green bean seeds is easy. Here’s a seven step method to ...
Multi-Color Potatoes

Planting Potatoes in Fall

In New Hampshire everyone plants potatoes in early spring. Why am I ...
Saving Tomato Seeds

The Best Way to Save Tomato Seeds

To save tomato seeds, most experts suggest you must ferment the tomato ...

Latest Articles

Seaweed Fertilizer

Free Seaweed Fertilizer

Harvesting and using seaweed fertilizer or pond weed as a soil amendment in your fruit and vegetable garden.

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Heirloom Apples

Heirloom Apples of Uncommon Character

Book review of Rowan Jacobsen’s Apples of Uncommon Character. It discusses the heirloom apples found in the book and how people can hunt for and enjoy these sometimes rare apples.

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Planting Dates Calculator

When to Plant Seeds? A New Planting Dates Calculator

Learn about the SHF Planting Dates Calculator. It makes it fast and easy to calculate when to start seedlings indoors, transplant seedlings and direct sow.

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Mosquito Magnet Product Review

Product Review: Mosquito Magnet

I’ve been using a Mosquito Magnet for more than 8 years. I give it a rating of 2 out of 5 stars. Read this review to learn why I’m no longer a happy user.

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Composting Grass

Grasscycling and Composting Grass Clippings

We have enough in our landfills already. Composting grass is so easy. Everyone should do it.

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