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When to Plant Seeds

Calculating When to Plant Seeds

Use this guide to FREE planting date calculators to learn when to plant seeds.

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Broccoli Seedlings

Starting Seedlings Indoors in Summer

Starting a batch of vegetable seedlings in the heat of summer is a little unusual. Here’s why it sometimes makes sense.

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Multi-Color Potatoes

Planting Potatoes in Fall

In New Hampshire everyone plants potatoes in early spring. Why am I planting potatoes in fall?

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The EWG Dirty Dozen

The EWG Dirty Dozen provides a helpful guide to avoid pesticides on grocery-store-bought produce. But it also can help backyard farmers decide what to grow.

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Transplanting Strawberries

Transplanting Strawberries, Part Two

Read about this five-step method for transplanting strawberries. It will give you control over your strawberry patch and more and better berries.

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